18 Creative Ideas For Celebrating Valentine’s Day

I have heard many legends and rumors about the emergence of this holiday, however, for me, Valentine’s day always remains another reason to show your love for the dearest and closest people
Everyone spends this day in different ways: someone skeptically chuckles and already does not recognize the principle of a foreign holiday, someone just breaks away in the club, forgetting about all the conventions and their long-standing desire to live with one person for life, and someone is preparing a grandiose or simple and very cute holiday for their second half, or simply buy a valentine’s day gift box.
If you rather consider yourself in the latter category and have already been tortured to come up with something interesting for your husband, this article is just for you! Let’s plan something special together for such a wonderful holiday! I’ve made a list of 18 ideas that are perfect for celebrating Valentine’s Day.

  1. Travel abroad

    Looking for places to go for valentine’s day? Yes, here You will need some time to plan, besides it will require some money, but if you can afford it, then feel free to book your tickets to France, Italy, Egypt, Turkey, Greece or other places that will leave an unforgettable mark on Your hearts.

  2. Hot air balloon flight

    This is a very fun and romantic trip, during which you will be able to admire the charming views of the area, experience the “thrill” of flying and combine all this with a romantic dinner and champagne.
    Just don’t forget about warm clothes, it can be quite cold upstairs.

    Cappadocia hot air balloon
  3. Resort or Spa

    No valentine’s day events in your town? No problems! What could be more beautiful than to let your body and mind just relax in some wonderful Spa? After these sessions, you will feel refreshed, fresh and full of energy, as well as get a “shot” of sexuality and passion, watching Your partner relax and enjoy. Valentine’s day hotel packages are usually available, just ask!
    This idea is especially suitable for couples who have been together for a long time and, unfortunately, do not have the opportunity to spend a lot of time together. If it is not possible to go somewhere, then you can arrange a real Spa at home.

    Relaxing Bath
  4. Theme night

    A theme party in our time is no surprise, but you can always upgrade your evening a little. In this case, you will have to prepare in advance. It all depends on what your husband loves most (well, except for You, of course). Let it be a movie, a game, a book, or even a cartoon. You will need to select one scene and recreate the entire entourage and characters from there.
    First, take care of the costumes. You don’t have to buy expensive suits in stores, you can make them yourself. At the same time, no one forces you to sew them day and night, reproducing everything to the smallest detail (no, if, of course, you have the strength, money, patience and time – then, please, it will be cool!). But you can not much bother, but just make everything out of paper or cardboard. After the holiday is over, you can safely throw it all away, and you both will only have memories and photos. Learn the lyrics, record the soundtracks for this game, movie or cartoon. Let it be a battle with ketchup and plastic swords, but you will laugh enough, take pictures, and such an evening will be remembered for a long time. I’m sure that your loved one will appreciate this celebration of Valentine’s Day. Let it not be full of paper pink hearts, rose petals on the floor and in the bathroom, but surely you have already been through all this, and you have not had such fun yet.


  1. Fancy dress trip to a restaurant

    Here, of course, I do not mean that You should dress up in costumes of teenage mutant ninja turtles and go in this form to a restaurant. I don’t mind at all, but they won’t let you in.
    All of us as children dreamed of being like Merlin Monroe, Marlene Dietrich, Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren or Brigitte Bardot. Why not make this dream come true? Make yourself a chic lush curly hairstyle or Vice versa beautifully remove your hair back, pull yourself up at the waist and put on a charming retro dress, glue thick eyelashes and draw a mole above the upper lip – in General, completely recreate the style of the mid-20th century, but please correctly place the accents.
    The husband also picks up an image from that time, the mastermind chooses yourself. I can recommend the charismatic Marlon Brando or the earlier “King of Hollywood” – Clark gable-slicked back hair, mustache, elegant style of dress. They’ll make a great couple!
    All eyes will be on you, and you will remember this evening for a long time. Also, you can add an accent to all this – play your role to the end. I think such a romantic evening will make you two fall in love again and is not this happiness?

  2. Dreams come true

    I agree with the statement of some skeptics that Valentine’s Day is not the only day of the year in which you should show each other your love. That’s your whole life. But why not make this day even more special? Or, for example, on this day to begin to fulfill long-cherished dreams?
    Do this evening what you have dreamed of for a long time! It could be anything: a balloon ride (Oh, how romantic!), skydiving (imagine how great it will be together, holding hands to enjoy the wonderful views of the surrounding area), flying in a wind tunnel or riding horses. In my opinion, these are just great ideas for such a romantic holiday! Also, after trying once, you will probably want to repeat all these things, although before this only dreamed about it.


    Of course, all that I have just listed will cost you a pretty penny, so you should start preparing for such celebrations again in advance. But there are cheaper amusements. Have you long dreamed of snowboarding? Or swim in the pool? I do not see anything wrong with not eating all sorts of Goodies at night, and spend this time on your health, especially if you two still can not get together to do yourself. What about a guitar lesson? Usually, when you try once, these things begin to tighten, so why not make Valentine’s day the beginning of your new life, which has time for music, sports, and extreme entertainment?

  3. Double, triple, and quadruple dates

    Why not celebrate this day with your friends? Especially if You, like me, have a company made up entirely of married couples! First, gather the girls and think about what will be the competitions and who will compete with whom? You can first arrange a competition between a team of boys and a team of girls and then go to the pair teams. Contests can be completely different, it all depends on your imagination and the number of people. For example, cut large hearts with congratulations into small pieces and distribute to teams who will collect faster, and he won. Also suitable here are contests like who will burst all the balls faster (and inside of which, for example, Valentines and small gifts) or who will put more cookies and candies in the shape of a heart in his mouth and will be able to shout to his beloved or beloved: “I love you!”(in the style of “Plump rabbit”) and so on. And then you can all order a lot of yummy food from the restaurant or go there with all your fun and noisy company. Only order food or a table in advance, and then this evening is usually already all busy and scheduled.

  1. Home picnic

    thepartyidea.comIf you are an ardent fan of Hiking romance, this item is especially for you! I’m sure You’ll have a tent at home, lots of blankets, a small gas stove, or something like that. Just don’t light a fire at home, nothing good will come of this idea. You can point a starry sky projector at the ceiling or just hang a garland. Take a guitar and sing your favorite songs to each other or tell scary stories, as you usually do during real hikes.
    If you want to simulate only a picnic, you can come up with something simpler, for example, just spread a rug under your feet, which is very similar to real grass, here and the projector will also fit. Around arrange homemade props-cardboard trees or flowers, collect a basket of food and, for example, a bottle of wine. As a background, turn on nice light music or just a disc with the sounds of nature.
    Usually, such “dates” wind up dreams of the future or Vice versa memories of the past. What is not a wonderful evening on February 14?

  2. Holiday weekend

    And how do you like this idea-to make not one festive evening, but all three? For example, on Friday to have a picnic, on Saturday to go to a restaurant, and all Sunday to swim in the pool or go snowboarding? Extend your pleasure and you will both remember this weekend for a long time!

  3. “Date” with animals

    Most of all, we are happy to communicate with small children and, of course, animals.
    These are the most sincere, cheerful, funny and sweet-hearted creatures on Earth. I, of course, do not generalize and do not compare children with dogs and cats, but you will agree, even on the Internet the most lovely photos and pictures with them. Now, about the animals. You can, for example, go to the zoo and spend at least a whole day there, fattening, secretly stroking and playing with animals. Read all the characteristics of Pets, book a tour and just watch the funny specimens. Very often zoos are combined with various terrariums, so you can learn a lot about various invertebrates and plants. But most of all you will get joy when communicating with animals that have not yet found their owner. They can not only be fed, petted or cleaned in their cage, but also walk! How much joy and happiness you will bring them! And maybe after that, you will make each other a gift in the form of one of the Pets of this institution. Most often, during the bustle of weekdays, we stop paying attention to what is around us. And even more so, there is no time for love. Give your love to each other and share it with everyone you can on this wonderful day!

  1. Photosession

    Photoshoot ideas

    Recently, my husband and I arranged for each other almost “professional” photo shoot. I do not even remember how this idea came to me, but the photos were very good, and how much emotion and pleasure we got! I am generally very shy to be photographed, I do not know the poses in which I do well and do not know how to liberate myself, entering into some image. Especially when even the same photographer is looking at me. This, by the way, is evidenced by the very funny “professional” photos from the registry Office from the day of our wedding.
    However, when we dressed up and began to be photographed together, just put a timer on the camera, all my embarrassment disappeared somewhere and we, as they say, were photographed from the heart!
    It is not necessary to order expensive photoshoots from professionals, you will just need a standard digital camera, more or less bright light, and good mood. Such photos usually turn out to be the most natural and vivid, and the memories of them remain for a long time.

  2. Rent a House outside the city

    Thanks to the fact that this year’s Valentine’s day falls on a Friday, You can afford to rest all three days. And if it is possible and you both are released from work, feel free to rent a wonderful house somewhere in the country and spend all this weekend together! I’m sure you’ll find something to do!
    Since February is still winter, you can do a lot of winter fun in the yard. Make a snowman, play snowballs, go sledding down a hill or skiing somewhere in the woods, at the nearest ice rink you can skate, besides, no one canceled snowboard and snowmobiles.
    All this, of course, is a lot of fun, but this year the winter has made a little joke and deprived some regions of snow pores. Don’t worry! No one has canceled Hiking, again, photo sessions in nature (usually they are the brightest and most beautiful), arrange some competitions or competitions. Swing on a swing or carousel, and so on.
    All this you can do on Friday, but on Saturday evening you can call in this wonderful house guests! Celebrate this wonderful holiday once again, only all together (in point number four more details on how to do it). And at night you can let out fireworks and fireworks! But please don’t forget to clean up the trash.

  3. Marathon of movies or “Netflix and Chill”

    You can search for movies coming out on valentine’s day or if you’re staying home for February 14 and you can’t go anywhere? Not a problem! Arrange a marathon of your favorite movies. There are a huge number of different trilogies or, for example, serials in the cinema now, so why not relax and celebrate the wonderful holiday of the Union of two hearts in their company?
    I mean, if you’re both strangers to outdoor activities and most of all you like just to sit at home, there is nothing wrong or abnormal, everyone relaxes as he wants and can, and any hobby has its positive aspects. And especially if you both enjoy it, why not seal your Union and celebrate Valentine’s Day in this way?

    Netflix and Chill
  4. Your second “first” date

    This idea can be placed at the very top of the scale of romance, which will certainly make a strong impression on Your soul mate. You will have to strain your memory very hard and make some effort, but believe me – it’s worth it. Walkthrough the streets where You first kissed, order the same drinks as the first time during a date in this cafe. But do not forget about the gift, it will add a sense of romance and the value of time spent together.

  5. Prepare something for your loved one

    Start here with the study of the most interesting and delicious dishes that are perfect for a romantic dinner for two, but do not forget about the practice. It is better, of course, to try to prepare something in advance, so that at the most crucial moment not to hit the dirt in the face. Even though cooking is quite a serious science, and cooking takes a lot of time and effort, the pleasure that You get during the “feast” will easily cover all the expenses, besides it is much cheaper than buying ready-made dishes, which is also extremely pleasant. You can also find a perfect gift for your half, for example, men’s gift baskets for valentine’s day are so popular.

    Red Gift Box for Him

    Do not forget about the special entourage of the holiday, put on your most beautiful outfit and decorate everything around, and also, it would be very cool if You came up with something like a menu.

  6. Expensive sports car for one day

    Sometimes we should all allow ourselves at least a small piece of luxury, so to speak, to touch the glamorous lifestyle of world stars. I agree that not everyone will allow themselves to live like this every day, but from time to time, I am sure that such gifts are worth making. Let’s play a game in which you will feel super rich one day. Dress as if You are about to be awarded the same Academy award and feel free to go for a ride around the city in a wonderful, albeit rented sports car.
    The high speed and charming features of this car will intoxicate You and give you an unforgettable experience that you will want to repeat.

    fancy car for rent
  7. Wine, chocolate, and sunset


    Choose the most romantic place in Your city (or near it), let it be some hotel on a hill with an incredible view of the city or a restaurant with a balcony that offers a very beautiful view. Find valentine’s day chocolate gifts.
    Open a bottle of wine, a box of chocolates and for a casual conversation wait for the moment when the whole sky is covered with unreal red stains, foreshadowing the sunset. This moment is incredibly beautiful and romantic, I think that a passionate kiss and a strong hug will serve as an excellent conclusion.

  8. Skating

    There is something intriguing and at the same time incredibly fun in what seems to be the most mediocre ice skating date. This pastime brings people together very much because You will have to hold on to each other. After such an active date, I think You will be happy to move on to a more intimate and romantic evening somewhere in a cafe or bar, warming up and sharing experiences.


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