6 Modern Wedding Invitations Ideas

6 Modern Ideas for How to Invite Guests to a Wedding

The wedding date is set. The next important step is to invite all the guests and get answers from them. Everyone wants to make wedding invitations interesting and original, but at the same time inexpensive and convenient for guests. Let’s look at the pros and cons of all options for wedding reception invites.

When to invite to wedding?

Many people think that you need to invite guests when everything is already known and ready for 100%. As a result, guests receive an invitation too late and, unfortunately, can no longer accept it.

A wedding invitation is a “booking” of a date in your guests’ calendar in advance! And the answer to the question, where to start preparing for the wedding. Try to invite your family to the wedding as early as possible. Even when you don’t know anything except the date of the celebration.

What to include in wedding invitation?

You can share all the detailed information about the wedding – the place and time of the event, maps, dress code and list of gifts-with your guests later. For example, on your wedding website.

Save The Date! It is best to send an invitation 3-6 months before the wedding. This way, guests can plan their holidays and personal affairs in advance, taking into account your celebration. And you will save time and moral strength by not redoing the guest lists several times. thepartyidea.com


How to invite?

There are many modern ways to invite guests to a wedding. Moreover, all options, from printed invitations to online versions, may look original, depending on the chosen theme and style of the wedding. Below we will look at the pros and cons of the most common methods of invitations and tell you how to make them more interesting.

  1. Printed wedding invitations

Wedding printing is very diverse – from the usual inexpensive cards with wedding invitation templates to unusual and insanely beautiful creative invitations in the style of your wedding. Prices are also very different. Here you start only from the planned budget and your imagination.thepartyidea.com

The process of making invitations is quite troublesome. You will need to select a design, compose a text for wedding invitations, or pass the guest list to the designer, who will enter the names in the text on each card. Then you need to check the invitation layout for errors, hand it over to the printing office, pick it up, and pack it in envelopes.

Alternatively, you can contact a company that deals with the entire process: from the design and entering the names of guests in each invitation to printing and decorating ready-made invitations. You will receive wedding invitations already printed and Packed in envelopes. thepartyidea.com

But even if the printing office will do the job of making invitations, it is your and only your task to prepare guest lists, hand out an invitation to everyone, and then call everyone to find out whether the guest accepted the invitation.thepartyidea.com

Therefore, it is very convenient when sending invitations and receiving responses occurs automatically on the wedding site.

  1. Unusual wedding invitations

In this case, you will have to show imagination. Here are just a few examples of how to make an original wedding invitation. Your invitation can be written:

  • on a vinyl record
  • on canvas
  • on a jar of sweets
  • on balloons
  • on magnets
  • on the calendar
  • on a paper airplanethepartyidea.com



As you can see, wedding invitation ideas can be quite inexpensive to make.

  1. Wedding invitation by e-mail

Do you want to know how to save money on wedding invitations? Sending invitations by e-mail is a fast, convenient and modern option. And completely free!

What is needed for this? Make a list of guests, write a touching text, add a beautiful picture or your photo, add the e-mail of all recipients to the mailing list and send it out. Next, wait for confirmation from the guests and record those who accepted the invitation in their lists. The option is quite practical, but a bit ordinary. And there is always a risk that the email will end up in SPAM. thepartyidea.com

  1. Sending video invitations

Use your imagination – come up with an interesting story for the video, immediately setting the mood for the holiday.

One of the difficulties is the troublesome video editing process: the idea, preparation for shooting, filmin, processing of the footage and its further distribution, often by e-mail or a link in social networks. But the wow effect of such an invitation will exceed all the effort spent. And if you come up with an original idea, then shooting on a mobile phone will be enough.

The main thing is not to bother with such nuances as expensive props, a professional camera, and a complex scenario. Be yourself! The familiar atmosphere plus fun music-and the best invitation is ready.

Sending out video invitations does not save you from having to call or write to guests again to get a response. Therefore, it is very convenient when the response buttons are immediately integrated into the invitation, as in the case of mailing from your wedding site.

And, of course, examples of creative video wedding invitations for your inspiration.

  1. Website-wedding invitation

The wedding invitation website is a completely new offer for our newlyweds, but it has long been loved all over the world as a universal and convenient option. How do I send out invitations from my wedding website:

  • Enter the names and contacts of the guests in a convenient table
  • Select the invitation design you like
  • Select a convenient way to send an invitation to an email, SMS, or messenger
  • Click the Send button. That’s it!

A huge plus of such an invitation is that the answer buttons are immediately integrated into the online invitation.

  1. A Phone call

The most familiar and on a budget option is to invite guests with a simple phone call. But there are some features:

You will have to talk a lot. Answer a lot of questions that you did not plan to discuss, and spend on a phone conversation not 3 minutes planned, but as much as 15! It’s a little tiring.thepartyidea.com

All information about your wedding guests will have to fix somewhere in notebooks, phones or sheets of paper that accidentally came to hand. And not the fact that after a couple of days, this information will not be lost and you will not have to repeat everything again.

To get feedback (whether the guest will come, who they will be with, how they will get there, etc.), you need to make a second call or ask the guests to call you back. And believe me, in this case, you will have to write on everything that comes under your hands)) you Still need to check which of the guests gave the answer and who did not… And if there are additional questions?


For grandparents, an invitation to a wedding is an important attribute. At the same time, they do not care whether it is a designer invitation or a postcard bought in the store. They need an invitation to keep it, remember it, show it to all their friends, and sometimes even strangers. Or make DIY wedding invitations.thepartyidea.com


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