Bachelorette Party Ideas

Bachelorette Party Ideas

A bachelorette party is a great occasion to see your favorite friends! And a way to relax and unwind before the wedding, forgetting about all the excitement and hassle. In this article, we will tell you how to celebrate a bachelorette party – ideas, tips and unusual solutions for a pleasant

Traditionally, a hen party is held on the day before of the wedding. Agree, the idea is not too good, especially if the event involves alcohol and cocktails. On the eve of an important event, the bride should rest and devote time to herself, sleep and relax.

It’s okay if you spend a bachelorette party a week before the wedding – it’s always a joy to meet your friends. And the bride will no longer worry about the nuances of the decor or the guest list. And, of course, there will be more topics for discussion. And you can also watch the first shots from the wedding! Most often, the organization and scenario of a bachelorette party before the wedding is a task for girlfriends or witnesses, because the bride already has a lot to do. But do not forget that the event should please the main character of the celebration and meet her wishes, so it is better to discuss ideas with her in

In some cases, the bride is happy to prepare the party herself. You should not take EVERYTHING on your shoulders – you can entrust some of the cases to your friends or arrange for help with the wedding organizer.

Bachelorette Party as a Pleasant Vacation

Have a relaxing pool or beach bachelorette party. Looking for a more unique bachelor party ideas? Or even a better idea! Please the bride with a pleasant body treatments-visit the beauty salon, massage room or sauna. This will not only help you relax, but also improve your skin condition, metabolism, and in General – a useful activity. But remember that such hen parties can not be held later than a week before the wedding, because the skin may suddenly react to a tan, massage or peeling, and red spots will not be a good decoration at the


Here is a sample list of useful options for the body.:

  • Swimming pool
  • Spa procedures
  • Relaxing massage
  • Yoga
  • Beauty salon

Ideas for Active Girls

thepartyidea.comThe bride loves outdoor activities and her friends do not lag behind her? Great, then here are some interesting and wild bachelorette party ideas for a bachelorette party with a touch of adrenaline:

Any entertainment option that involves overcoming obstacles will be a great way to relax and relieve stress

  • Cycle track
  • Rink
  • Paintball
  • Rope Park
  • Climbing wall
  • The kayaking
  • Boxing ring

Racing instead of a limousine

You can arrange a party in the style of “fast and furious” and rent a race track. Go-karting is a simple and safe entertainment where you will not be required to have a license or passport. Small cars and a complex track can be even more fun than simple cars and will appeal even to experienced drivers.

Party in Party Bus or Boat

Discussing interesting ideas for a bachelorette party, many fall into dependence on such a familiar Hollywood image: a limousine, an open hatch, a bride with a bottle of champagne. Of course, this option is still relevant, but it will not surprise either the bride or her

Another thing is the Party Bus or a Party Boat. This is a bus fully equipped for a party. The advantages are obvious: you can invite more guests and dance not sitting, but standing. These buses are often converted from regular cars, but they add light music, a DJ stand, and a bar. Often, the transport is immediately rented out “complete” with a DJ and a bartender. Party Bus is good both for having fun inside, driving around the city and as a creative means of transportation between iconic locations for the bride.

Non traditional bachelorette weekend party ideas

If you want an unforgettable experience, book a tour or quest around the night city. In many megalopolises, it is fashionable to organize parties, exploring the old corners of the city in the dark. Believe me, there will be a lot of impressions! And if the bridesmaids are creative enough, you can organize a quest with a visit to places where memorable meetings and events were held for the bride, adding unusual tasks to the walk.

Bachelorette trip and getaway ideas

If a trip to the country does not look like the original option, and the walking route through the mountains can not overcome everything, it is better to shorten the walk and rent a trailer. Sincere conversations around the campfire, starry sky, and beautiful nature – the best option for a break from the city’s everyday life in summer or spring.

In summer, you can go on a picnic with an overnight stay – but not to the nearest beach, but, for example, to the neighboring region. Renting a trailer is a great solution to the issue of accommodation if not everyone likes the romance of tents. Of course, among those invited to the bachelorette party, there must be at least one girl with good driving skills.

Themed Party

Parties united by a theme is becoming more popular. We share the best ideas for a Bridal shower:

Retro Party

Want a more romantic evening? Arrange a party in the style of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” – in classic dresses, with beautiful porcelain cups and fancy hairstyles, drink coffee with croissants in a French coffee shop. For more daring girls, you can choose the style of the ’80s. Make hair extensions, find cool leggings in neon colors and go to the club. Or pick up dresses for friends in the hippie style and walk around the city with a

Around the World

Please the bride by organizing a party in the spirit of the country or region that is dear to her heart. This could be Greece, Mexico, Thailand, England, Hawaii, or even Georgia. Choose appropriate outfits and order delivery of exotic dishes – and don’t forget about the decor!

If you are planning a very original holiday, choose an unusual combination – for example, celebrate the new year in the spring, as do the peoples of other continents, where the calendar is different from

Dreams come true

thepartyidea.comIf you know about the secret dreams of the bride-arrange a dream holiday for her! Embody, for example, her secret desire to be a chef and agree in a restaurant about the opportunity to work in an open kitchen. Or record a small program with her as a TV presenter, if she always wanted to work on television.

Evening in pyjamas

It should not be underestimated and has already become a classic boudoir party and pajama-style. You can wear comfortable robes or choose exquisite outfits for a boudoir photoshoot. In short, a themed bachelorette party in many cases is almost a win-win

Another easy idea!

And you can do nothing-rent a hotel room, take CDs with melodramas, buy champagne and ice cream, ask your friends to grab bathrobes and Slippers – and the whole evening not to get out of bed, or just swim on inflatable flamingos in the pool of the nearest water Park with a glass of champagne. The main thing is that the bride was happy and happy to remember this evening! You can always look up some more bachelorette party ideas pinterest!

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