Best Wedding Entertainment Ideas

How to entertain guests at a wedding

Perfect wedding planning is when, in addition to beautiful decor and a hearty menu, you also think about what your guests will be doing and prepare wedding reception program. You don’t plan ancient contests with jumping in bags, do you?

Dynamic Activities

If the format of the wedding and the location allow, and you are sure that your active guests are not averse to moving, include unusual games in the timing of the day. As an example – throwing rings, darts, and even wedding reception

  • Darts
  • Rings
  • Bowling
  • Cricket
  • Throwing balls
  • Scrub
  • Villages
  • Racing radio-controlled models

Original and Unique Wedding Entertainment

Want to surprise your loved ones in full? If your wedding budget allows, invite a body art artist, sommelier or chef with a master class, stick a flash tattoo on everyone and give them a bottle of the selected wine.

  • Painting on the body
  • Wine tasting
  • Lecture on cigars
  • Cooking master class: making cakes, jam or painting gingerbread
  • Master class in needlework: origami, floral arrangements, weaving garlands
  • Master class in dance: ballroom, General, the traditional folk-the main thing that was fun!
  • Movie theater with short films
  • Tarot card reading

Virtual entertainment ideas

Modern technologies will help to make even the usual photo zone – a whole adventure. Ask guests to post their photos on Instagram during the day under your prepared beforehand hashtag and award the best reporter of the day. Put a photo or video booth or DIY Backdrop with interactive props to take funny wedding photos. Another distraction could be a book, where guests can paste a snapshot of the photo.

  • Instagram photo marathon
  • Photobooth
  • Augmented reality games
  • Shooting a movie about a wedding
  • Karaoke, where guests can sing fun love songs for wedding
  • Silent disc
  • Instant photos on Polaroid

Creative Wedding Games

Give freedom to your guests and allow them to express themselves unusually with fun wedding games. For example, all together to compose an adventure story about your couple in the style of James bond, draw a comic book or write a letter to the future-the main thing is that it concerns the theme of the wedding.

  • Comics about the couple
  • Themed coloring pages
  • Writing a story about the young
  • Message to the future
  • Video
  • Flashmob

Intellectual Wedding Program Ideas

Fun wedding games ideas! A huge crossword puzzle, and chess. Remember the games of your childhood and add additional levels of difficulty for simple games.

ADVICE! It is better to choose simpler Board games so that they take no more than an hour. Prepare separate notebooks, pens, or slates for them to keep track of and write down ideas.

  • Crossword puzzles about the couple
  • Cross-zero
  • Jenga
  • Alias
  • Checkers
  • Chess
  • Domino
  • Quests within the wedding

Kids Wedding Entertainment

Most weddings are attended by very young guests, for who the overall program is tiring. For kids, you should find an entertainer and prepare a separate play area, where there can be Board games, coloring books, jump ropes and hoops, the main thing – do not forget to take into account age and modern children’s trends.

  • Coloring pages in the form of comics about the bride and groom, figures of newlyweds, soft dolls
  • Jenga
  • Crackers
  • Sports games with hoops and jumping rope
  • LEGO
  • Technical experiments
  • Trampoline

Some more Tips

Including active entertainment in the holiday scenario, you should pay twice as much attention to the comfort of guests:

For the children’s zone – be sure to hire an entertainer (if children are older than 3 years) or a nanny (for children under 3 years). So parents of kids will have a rest together with you.

Are you planning a fireworks? Or does the concept of a wedding require sequins and tinsel? Then add to the column of additional expenses for cleaning the lawn or room, because bright confetti will have to be selected from the grass manually, as well as rose

If your wedding takes place in the warm season, add to the list of wedding Affairs-be sure to allocate space and funds for the sun awning.

A separate table with water and ice is a guarantee of your guests’ well-being. It is mandatory for summer weddings and is necessary when the program has active entertainment.

All competitions and communication are much better with musical accompaniment and it does not matter whether it is a “live” band or a DJ.

Replacement shoes or heel pads are a practical trend of recent seasons. Comfortable Slippers that you will prepare for guests will allow your friends to dance all evening and not worry about shoes in the grass or

Wet wipes, mosquito repellents, blankets, fans are mandatory attributes for a holiday in the forest or in nature.

We hope your guests will remember your wedding as the best wedding ever!

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