DIY Party Backdrop Ideas

Nowadays people love to take pictures while attending parties and celebrations. Sometimes you can even see a photo both at a party, but it is rather expensive. So let us talk about cheaper alternative that will be on most of guest’s photos.

So, the Backdrop, it might be what you need for your party. To help you consider more imaginative methods to utilize your backdrop frame, we’ve rounded up a couple of more image backdrop concepts for your next party. Delight in!

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DIY Photo Backdrop Stand

One of the best ways to create photo backgrounds is by making your own background stand. This way you can reuse it for various celebrations and move it around quickly. We’ll show you how to develop a backdrop stand, plus 2 ways to decorate it! You can get all the materials from your local hardware store.


You need PVC pipes

  • T connector x4
  • elbow connector x2
  • 5 foot long piece x4
  • 4 inch long piece x2
  • 5 foot long piece x2
  • 5 foot long piece


  1. Start with constructing the base of the stand. Place a 4 inch pipeline in the middle of the T adapter and 2 1.5 foot pieces on the sides. Repeat.
  2. Add another “T” connector to top of the 4 inch pipes. The middle “T” line ought to be facing inwards.
  3. Connect the two base pieces by attaching a 5 foot pipe to each of the “T” ports that are facing inwards.
  4. Add the sides of the backdrop by attaching the two 6.5 foot pipelines to the upward dealing with openings on the “T” connectors.
  5. Add the two elbow ports to the tops of the 6.5 foot pipes.
  6. Connect across by attaching the remaining 5 foot pipe to the elbow


Later you can reuse this DIY backdrop multiple times, just changing the design or adding flowers, tissue, ribbons or whatever comes to our mind. Another cool idea is to spray color your DIY backdrop. Here are some ideas. Enjoy!

Whether you’re hosting a birthday celebration, an infant shower or inviting a few good friends over for dinner, creating a photo backdrop will assist you catch these unique moments.

Super Bonus Video Tutorial on have to make a diy backdrop for you!

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