Engagement Party Ideas and Organization

Engagement Party Ideas and Organization

A wedding is a big celebration. But it is preceded by a whole string of reasons for the holiday, so if you want, you can celebrate a lot and often. In addition to the traditional stag and hen parties, you can also arrange a party on the occasion of your engagement — let there be one more holiday of love in your life!

An engagement is a wonderful occasion to organize a party to celebrate the birth of a new family and announce the upcoming wedding to your loved ones.thepartyidea.com

Engagement party ideas

Wedding Rehearsal

During the engagement, you can hold a rehearsal for the wedding. Also, put on costumes, chic outfits, invite a small circle of guests and hold a small rehearsal of how the wedding will take place. The rehearsal will help you experience positive feelings and touching emotions that will be remembered for the long life of the young couple and all close relatives. At the end of the rehearsal, you can arrange fireworks. After that, the young couple can retire and spend the rest of the evening alone.thepartyidea.com

BBQ party with friends

In the spring or summertime, you can go to nature and have a picnic or bbq with friends. You can take some drinks and light snacks. A bottle of champagne is also a perfect idea to celebrate this day.thepartyidea.com


Home party

Another idea is to celebrate this day in the family circle, at home. It will also look original. At home, you can prepare various dishes, arrange competitions, entertainment, so that it is not boring. For home entertainment, you can put a photo booth in the yard so that guests can go in and take small group photos for memory. You can use a DIY Backdrop.

Limousine for the engagement celebration

For engagement, you can also order a nice and cool car, such as a limousine. It is quite large and can accommodate a certain number of people who will be present this evening. You can book a limousine for a few hours and spend this time driving around the city. At this point, you can take beautiful photos that will be a long time memory.

Dinner for two

Since the engagement is considered an important and exciting moment for a young couple, you can spend this day and evening together. This day is all about them, so only they will get special importance. On this day, you can have a romantic delicious dinner together and then watch an interesting movie. It is also possible to go for a walk together under the starry sky and enjoy the company of your significant other.thepartyidea.com

Party with friends

If you want to share this moment with friends and family, a good option is to have a party at a restaurant or club. In such an environment, you should not follow strict rules, but boldly announce your decision to all guests at the same time. The staff should also be aware of the occasion of your event and know what time to serve drinks and snacks so that everyone has full glasses at the most crucial moment. At such an engagement, you can immediately distribute wedding invitations to all guests and even announce who will be close to the bride and groom.

Cooking class party

Dazzle foodies with a cooking class facilitated at a neighborhood culinary school or eatery. Or on the other hand, you can organize a cooking class at your home. Split visitors up into littler groups with the goal that everyone can handle one of the decisions on the menu. Have a smorgasbord style arrangement of all the nourishment, alongside formula cards for visitors to bring home toward the night’s end. thepartyidea.com

Brunch party

There’s one meal you just can’t argue with: brunch. It’s a people-pleaser, filled with diverse guest favorites from the sweet tooth–satisfying waffles to savory avocado toast—not to mention it’s a great excuse to indulge in mimosas of every variety.thepartyidea.com




Organization of the engagement party

An engagement party does not require a definite and careful scenario or plan, and the contribution of specialists.


Dear newly-made brides, you do not need to rush to organize a holiday on the same day when a ring from a loved one appeared on your finger. If you have enough time left, take your time: according to Western etiquette, you have three months from the date of your engagement to celebrate this event.


Remember that the wedding itself is an extravagant joy, and on the off chance that you add to it a stag and hen party, just as a commitment party, at that point, the sum will end up being galactic by any stretch of the imagination. Subsequently, convey the costs by time-it is progressively advantageous if there is still a great deal of time before the wedding and every one of the special seasons will follow at a specific interim.


Since it is an engagement party, you can choose a place that is important for your couple: the place of the first meeting, the first date, the favorite restaurant. But the place chosen with the interests and Hobbies of both your and invited guests will also be suitable.

Guest list.

An engagement party is a more informal and friendly event that you don’t need to invite all the relatives and acquaintances that you plan to invite to the wedding. You can invite only the closest people to the party.

The theme of the party.

Will it be a peaceful otherworldly social affair with companions or an enormous bash party? This can be either an adapted or topical, or a conventional festival of the organization of an outing to your preferred café or club, or a home banquet. You can likewise cause a functioning gathering to go-karting, paintball, bowling.


In case you are arranging an adapted or themed party, you should consider the style ahead of time. It isn’t important to do everything in detail, as at a wedding, however, it doesn’t damage to make in any event a sentimental climate. You can put a few highlights on the supper table and the little style of the room itself. Or on the other hand, you can request that the welcomed visitors help with the props.thepartyidea.com


If you are planning to organize the party by yourself, you should take care of the entertainment program too. Win-win options – photo booth, live music, show or master class and original contests.

Food and Drinks.

Make sure to prepare enough appetizers and beverages for the guests. What is more, you can try some of the dishes that will be on the wedding menu. Here are some useful ideas for organizing a buffet.thepartyidea.com


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