Gender Reveal Party Ideas

Gender Reveal Party Ideas

Let us talk about Gender Reveal Parties today. The idea is to gather family and friends and find out who it is going to be, a boy or a girl. It all happens as follows. On the ultrasound, the doctor does not say the gender seen even to the mother, but writes it on a piece of paper and puts it to an envelope. Future parents order a cake from the pastry chef, having previously given the envelope. The pastry chef makes the appropriate filling for the cake – pink or blue. The party can be supplemented by various competitions, a game between two teams – those who are for the girl and who are for the boy, and so on, can simply pass in communication in the close company of family and friends. In the final, of course, the cake is cut and everyone, including future parents, will find out the gender of their baby.

Best Gender Reveal Cake Ideas

The most common thing on the gender reveal parties is the cake. Future parents order different and unique cakes to surprise everyone. Baby Gender reveal cake ideas can be completely different and very creative. Have a look at some

What is more, you can order not only the cake, there are so many other gender reveal dessert ideas that might come in handy. Check out our compilation of gender reveal candy ideas.

Gender Reveal Party Food Ideas

If you are planning a bigger party, you should think of gender reveal snack ideas, like appetizers, finger food, and snacks. It can be anything, like cupcakes, cakepops, popcorn, candies.

Creative and Cheap Gender Reveal Party Ideas

If you think that the cake is an old and boring idea, you can consider the gender reveal balloon. Usually, it a huge black balloon that you pop and see many small pink or blue balloons, that will be the center of the party and the other decorations, can be rather regular, for example, some pink and blue smaller balloons, or garlands. Here are some ideas for you.

Gender Reveal Gift Ideas for Guests

Let’s talk about party favors. They are not obligatory, but it is always a nice touch. You can make rather cheap gender reveal party favors, like pink and blue cookies or candies. Well, it can even be a hand sanitizer or lotion with colorful ribbons and a small card.

Last Minute Gender Reveal Ideas

In case you don’t have much time to order a cake or balloons, think about this cool idea. Buy some smoke powder cannons, in this case, you will have to show the insides of the envelope to the shop assistant. Then you can hire a photographer to capture the moment. In case you are on a budget, you can just ask one of your friends, who takes rather good pictures, to help you.

Gender Reveal Theme Ideas

Last but not least, (actually it had to be the first lol) theme of the party. The party might be pink and blue, or go with a gender neytral theme, you can use white or pastel colors. Themes are so various, starting from beach party to twinkle twinkle little star gender reveal ideas. So, my suggestion is to think of what you and your partner like and just go through some of our ideas.




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