Oktoberfest Style or Beer Themed Party Ideas

Fun adult party ideas that are a great alternative to a wine tasting and men will be going to.

thepartyidea.com“Do you like beer the way I like it” – at the German Oktoberfest beer festival, this question sounds, to say the least, strange. At this festival, beer flows like a river, everyone is friends, and at the same time no one cares about you, there is only freedom, beer and a sea of positive emotions. It is a pity that this holiday happens once a year, and not everyone can get to it. What if I invited him to my party? And to arrange, for example, Novemberfest, or any other fest-it does not matter. To do this, you will need an excuse, good company, a great mood, and some valuable tips for fun adult activities.thepartyidea.com

Beer Party Invitations

So that guests are not surprised by the abundance of foam drink, send out invitations with the theme of the party. They should be decorated in the German style, with the image of a traditional beer feast. Invitations can be made from stands for beer mugs – this attribute of beer gatherings will also remind you of the theme of the holiday. Now that we are sure of the appropriate response of the invited guests, we can start the main thing. thepartyidea.com

Creating a German entourage or Oktoberfest party decorations

To avoid any doubt about the theme of the party, the appropriate room should be “numb”, give it the appropriate entourage. The main accessory of any state – in our case, Germany – is the coat of arms and flag. Since beer parties are mostly attended by young people who are not burdened with large fortunes, we will make them with our own hands. To make the coat of arms, we need a piece of white fabric, you can take a sheet. Reprint the German eagle on paper, then translate it to fabric. We paint the drawing with paints, let it dry, cut out the coat of arms and attach it to the shaft. Done! Now it remains to find a suitable place for him.thepartyidea.com

From the remaining sheet, we sculpt the German flag. To do this, we paint the rectangular canvas in black, red and yellow. But! you can do otherwise and attract all the guests to the decoration. Buy balloons, inflate them and start coloring. How many of them will survive all the manipulations, we do not know, but a portion of fun is guaranteed.

If the occasion for the party is a birthday, then it is appropriate to congratulate the birthday person in German. You can write them on the wall or cut them out of paper and connect them together. To avoid the cacophony of color, use shades of the German flag, as well as white and blue. Tablecloths in a blue-and-white check or rhombus were laid on the table by Bavarian Housewives-remember this when serving the table.thepartyidea.com

Having decorated the hall, we start dressing ourselves and our loved ones. What to wear to Oktoberfest party? Our guests are already aware of the theme of the party, which implies an appropriate dress code. Guests will need ingenuity and imagination to match the entourage of a Bavarian beer party. The beautiful half of the guests will be delighted – their outfit is the best way to emphasize their sexuality, sensuality. A white blouse with a deep neckline, bare shoulders with flowing sleeves, a lace-up corset-a rare girl will refuse such an outfit. For the lower part of the garment, a full skirt with a lace hem is suitable. Shoes are comfortable, and no pins – in the Bavarian fervent dance, they will only interfere. The absence of hats allows any liberties with the hairstyle, but if the hair is long, the ideal option is a Bavarian braid.thepartyidea.com


It’s a little easier with Oktoberfest outfit ideas for men:

  • trousers or knee-length shorts
  • white shirt and vest
  • suspenders and leg warmers
  • To complete the image – a hat with a feather, like the Tyrolean.

Don’t forget to prepare a few spare kits – for casual guests who didn’t have time to prepare costumes.

Oktoberfest party foodthepartyidea.com

Since the main character of the Bavarian party was, is and will be beer, then all the menu should be made for it. In addition to regular crackers and chips, you can cook sausages, pizza, make meat and cheese cuts. And since the party is not a dinner party in a restaurant, we do not hesitate to attract guests to replenish the menu. thepartyidea.com For beautiful ladies who do not favor a foamy drink, you can resort to radical measures – prepare cocktails based on beer – as they say, and the entourage is observed, and the girls are happy. If you are planning a beer themed birthday party, you should order a birthday beer cake.thepartyidea.com

Beer party entertainment

When arranging a beer party, do not forget that this is a holiday, not an evening sit-down with a beer at the TV. Have fun! Think about what kind of music will be on the holiday. Perhaps you can invite musicians, or pick up a few playful tunes and perform a Bavarian dance. In order not to get bored, come up with a few fun contests with prizes and gifts. For example, with your eyes closed, determine what kind of beer is in the mug. The winner is the one who makes the least mistakes. Or arrange a competition of beer bellies, drinking at speed. The main thing is that the mustache does not flow, but gets into the mouth. thepartyidea.com

And now-our main advice: do not forget to buy beer! And count how much beer you need for the party.thepartyidea.com

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