Rustic Wedding Ideas

Wedding in rustic style

How to start planning a wedding? Of course, with the choice of a general style and theme. Now, most couples don’t want excessively lavish celebrations – more and more often the choice is made in favor of a new concept of wedding: gentle photo sessions, simple natural solutions in the decor, a family dinner instead of a lavish reception.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the French rustic has become a popular source of inspiration. The naturalness that reflects the real taste of life, and was called “rustic”, which in French sounds like “simple, rustic”.

If you summarize all the nuances, then a rustic wedding is an elegant home environment:

  • Natural material. Wood, flowers, and herbs are used as the basis of the decor – everything that can be used with the eco prefix.
  • Do not overload the decor with ruffles, satin ribbons and napkins with small patterns – choose plain sets of natural fabrics with a minimalist pattern.
  • Rustic is, first of all, a home and a family atmosphere. Therefore, decor elements and treats made with your own hands will be very appropriate.
  • Rustic wedding colors and palette. Often used beige, brown, green and blue colors of muted shades-all that can be called natural.

Rustic wedding venue

In an ideal world, a rustic eco-themed wedding takes place in a large log barn with hay on the floor, so that spotted cats and cute rabbits run around the guests. Therefore, if you do not have such a place at hand, choose a country house, manor or hotel for the holiday. It is lovely to add interesting details in the right style: a log fence, hayloft or picturesque brickwork. Everyone will definitely remember such a wedding in the rustic style-photos of guests and couples in unusual areas with carts and barrels will definitely get a lot of positive

The main thing is to be closer to nature, so for the warm season, it is a good idea to set the table in the garden, under the open sky. Even if “nature does not have bad weather”, you should still protect yourself from rain and wind by renting a tent or canopy.

Daisies, straw, or a little about décor and rustic table settings

Wedding decor in the rustic style is definitely unique. Replace expensive bouquets with fragrant herbal compositions and centerpieces, baskets of apples or even pumpkins. Rustic invitations, guest cards, and a guest book will look good if you decorate them with wood elements or dried flowers, craft paper, and textured fabrics.

Rustic involves the use of rich wood colors that will be the background for the bride’s delicate attire, and an abundance of rough simple decor, including furniture.

Unbleached linen in natural shades, cotton napkins with embroidery and stands for plates made of woodcuts are a great alternative to deliberate luxury and ruffles. Vases made of cans, barrels-tables, huge wicker baskets for cookies will fit into the situation, as well as solid village tables or benches, covered, for example, with wool blankets. The solution to the problem with furniture-hay briquettes, which can be used instead of chairs, and as tables, they are also

Candy bar in an old wagon or barn, with barrels – it will look stylish and

The wedding arch for the ceremony can be woven from vines, collected from logs, or you can simply decorate the wooden gate with wreaths of wildflowers.

Rustic wedding cake ideas

And, of course, such an important detail as a wedding cake. The confectionery industry has its own standards and fashion, so rustic cake has long ceased to be a curiosity. Often, the design of a wedding in the rustic style implies a cake that is either extremely concise or decorated only with fresh berries.

Important! A rustic wedding cake is never covered with mastic. This is the so-called “naked” cake. It should feel like it was just taken out of the

Candy bar for a rustic wedding will be great to make up of homemade pies, jams, and jars of jam. Add lemonade, ice cream, fresh fruit, and nuts. And, of course, do not forget that the table with treats does not have to be “sweet”. Homemade smoked meats, sausages, cheeses, pies, dried vegetables are perfect for a holiday in the fresh air!

Rustic wedding favors

As gifts to guests, prepare jars of jam or honey, baskets of cookies, and pots of fresh flowers. All this can be beautifully decorated and originally signed. A big plus of such Souvenirs will not only be natural but also relatively low cost.

What to wear to a rustic wedding?

Traditionally, the attribute of the holiday is considered to be evening dresses for girls and formal suits for men. Such standards are already a thing of the past. The dresses of the young, as well as the clothes of the guests, should not be pretentious.

The bride’s dress does not have to be white, because the main requirement is compliance with the spirit of the holiday. Rustic assumes naturalness and minimalism, so it is better to choose a delicate outfit with a simple cut, with handmade elements, which will be much more appropriate than a strict corset. French braids or soft loose curls with a floral wreath are a good choice for a romantic feminine look. The hairstyle will be complemented by light and natural makeup, without bright details.

The bride’s rustic wedding bouquet can be bright, as opposed to a delicate outfit. The composition is based on wildflowers, with the addition of ears, herbs, cones, and ribbons – homespun lace, twine or pieces of burlap. The same materials are used to make a boutonniere for the

The groom shouldn’t look too formal on the background of rural life, instead of a suit, pick up stylish trousers, an original shirt, vest, and jeans. And if you want fun and adventure, add unusual elements to your outfits: hats, bright suspenders or a butterfly, rubber boots.

Rustic Wedding

  • natural eco-friendly materials
  • field flowers
  • wood, moss, burlap
  • outdoor wedding
  • classic colors: white, cream, brown, green, blue and blue
  • natural colors: cornflower blue, sky, sand
  • outdoors – in the forest, in a country house or in a barn
  • arch made of natural materials
  • garlands
  • old doors
  • village cart
  • the dress is straight, made of flowing fabrics, light and airy
  • vintage accessories
  • wreath of wildflowers
  • casually styled hair
  • waistcoat
  • shirt with the top button unbuttoned
  • straw hat
  • moccasins

thepartyidea.comForget about large crystal chandeliers and gilding, because the home environment is associated more with a country house, but not with marble stairs. The main thing is to be closer to nature, so for the warm season it is a good idea to set the table in the forest, garden or under the open sky

Do you know what is important in a rustic wedding? Its simplicity, carelessness, but at the same time – brevity and pleasant to the heart naturalness. It is not necessary to try to follow ALL the requirements discussed above. If a nature themed wedding is created with your own hands, then there will be much more pleasant memories.

This is a special day for a new family, a day when dreams come true, and therefore-down with conventions and enjoy the holiday!

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