Table Arrangement Ideas at Wedding Reception

Best Table Arrangement Ideas at a Wedding Reception

How to start preparing for a wedding? The correct answer is one-from writing down a list of guests. Closer to the wedding, when all the guests have already confirmed their presence, we decide on the arrangement of tables and seating of guests.

Quick wedding planning check list:

  1. Make a list of guests, get confirmation and the exact number
  2. Determine the format of the wedding
  3. Determine the shape and placement of tables
  4. Seating guests at tables
  5. What to consider when choosing table layout
  6. Decide on the format of the wedding. Classic, European or American, buffet or party – what is best suited for your celebration.
  7. The size of a Banquet hall or clearing. Different types of Seating require more or less space, which, unfortunately, is not always available at the selected location.
  8. Consider the interior of the restaurant or open area. Large elements such as columns or trees can prevent guests from looking at the screens or hide the scene.
  9. If the wedding is outside. Keep in mind the special features of the season and think about shade for guests in summer or a closed veranda for an evening dinner on an autumn day.
  10. If you have a majority of young people among your guests, make more space for dancing. If there are elderly guests or those with health problems even if you choose a buffet format, put a separate classic Banquet table for them.

There are some of the most common options for placing tables. We will tell you how European differs from American and why a common table is a good solution for saving space and budget.

Common table arrangements

The common table is a universal solution. Suitable for both a small celebration and a crowded wedding.

The table can be simply long, T-shaped, X-shaped, W-shaped, or several long tables parallel to each other. The main advantages of such a reception seating arrangement are space-saving, family atmosphere and a sense of equality.

A big advantage of a long table is budget savings. Since both textiles and decor will need much less than for individual tables.

IMPORTANT! When arranging seating, group your guests by sitting next to those who have common interests.

The place for newlyweds is better to allocate in the middle of one of the long sides of the table, and not at the end. On the contrary, it is better to put close friends with whom there is always something to talk about, or parents.

ADVICE! Be sure to keep in mind that if there are several long tables and the room is small, it may be inconvenient for both waiters and guests to move between them. Therefore, discuss contests and dances with the host, so that guests can comfortably participate in them and do not interfere with neighbors. The most active sit is closer to the stage.

The European scheme of wedding reception layout

For this option, you will need several tables-round, square or rectangular. This format helps to gather people invited to “interest groups” or families.

Among the latest trends in wedding organization is the use of round and square (rectangular) tables at the same

IMPORTANT! A round Banquet table with a diameter of 80-90 cm seats 4 people, a diameter of 1.5 m-8-9 people, with a diameter of 1.8 m-10-12 guests.

For a rectangular Banquet table 180×80 cm – 6-8 guests, and 180×60 cm-6 people. On average, one guest at a rectangular table should have about 60 cm, but not less than 50 cm.

According to psychologists, the ideal number for comfortable communication is 6-8 people at one table.

ADVICE! For everyone to see the table of the newlyweds, at the round tables, seat the guests, taking up three-quarters of the space, and not the entire table. And do not sit guests at the ends of rectangular tables. So none of the guests will sit with their backs to the newlyweds and to the stage.

The American format of the wedding table arrangement

The American format is a great idea for a buffet, or a wedding in the form of a party. Very different rules apply here. Yes, there are also tables where guests can sit down, but food and drinks are placed in separate areas and guests can choose their own dishes at any time. This format implies the free movement of guests around the hall or clearing and the absence of assigned seats for each guest.

This option is more democratic and suitable if you are ready to change the traditional ideas about a wedding reception.

The advantage is more space for communication and the ability to organize separate lounge areas. For example, a bar with cocktails, games, hookah, cigar bar, ice cream or even popcorn bar. Besides, organizing a wedding in this format makes the event more

Not only light snacks are served at the reception, but also the main hot dishes – everything is just like at a normal Banquet, only the format of serving changes.

The buffet-suggests a separate table with a set of dishes, from appetizers to hot, but guests can choose themselves.

A party is a completely informal style of communication. Mandatory attributes – a bar with cocktails, a DJ booth, additional disco lighting equipment, karaoke. To create an atmosphere, it is very desirable to have a pool or beach nearby. And a minimum of official elements in the form of toasts, contests and other wedding paraphernalia.

ADVICE! Are you worried about older guests? Arrange a separate table just for them, with classic seating, service, and serving.

Now about the chairs arrangement

What does this have to do with seating? Convenient placement of chairs is inseparable from the placement of tables and it is better to do it simultaneously with the placement of tables on the site. Now chairs are not only a necessary part of a wedding dinner but also a decorative element like tablecloths and floral arrangements. We follow fashion trends but do not forget about their main purpose.

Keep in mind the location features when ordering furniture – do not put chairs with very thin legs on the grass or sand, as they can sag and wobble.

When ordering powerful recliners or, conversely, sun loungers and bags, consider what your guests will be wearing. The dress and heels make it difficult to sit down and get up after.

It is better to install heavy chairs and armchairs against the walls or in the corner of tables – so that you do not have to move them away.

For very young guests, provide special high chairs – check this nuance in the restaurant. As a rule, several of these chairs must be in the restaurant. Or provide a few extra pillows for regular-sized chairs.

The most fashionable solution of recent seasons is the use of different chairs in the same design. For example, velour chairs and vintage wooden chairs can be placed at the same table. If you can’t find so many different chairs, order covers, capes, or plaids of different colors and textures for each one.

To sum up General rules of wedding reception seating:

  • Start by defining the format of the wedding and the type of table arrangement
  • When planning seating, take into account the features of the interior of the hall – for example, columns, niches, balconies. At tables where they block the view, sit fewer guests
  • It is not necessary to sit guests at the entrance to the kitchen or at the passages to the bathrooms – waiters and other guests will constantly disturb them
  • So that guests do not interfere with each other at the table, ideally, one person should have about 50-60 cm
  • At the ends of the tables, guests should not sit down – this is more likely to create discomfort than it will be a manifestation of respect
  • If it is not possible to seat guests so that all sit facing the screen, order additional screens from the company that is engaged in maintenance and place them at different ends of the hall
  • Provide several additional seats for guests who decide to take their children or soul mate at the last moment
  • For children, if they are older than 4 years, you can already allocate a separate table, order an animator and a special children’s menu. This is a saving on the Banquet – about 70% of the cost for 1 guest, and the opportunity to relax for their parents
  • Children up to 14 years old sit on the edge, near the aisle, in the corner, at tables with not too good overview-in General, wherever adult guests will be uncomfortable. As a rule, after 30 minutes of the Banquet, they will get bored and go for a walk around the territory. And the chairs can be removed and replaced only if necessary
  • Be sure to provide sheds or tents to create shade or protection from the sun, if the wedding is planned in the open air
  • The smaller the tables, the cheaper the Banquet will cost you, even with the same number of guests.
  • Are you worried about older guests? Arrange a separate table just for them, with classic seating, service, and serving.

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