Top 10 Steps in Wedding Planning

Convenient step-by-step instructions on how to plan a wedding

The long-awaited day has arrived. The proposal is made, the ring sparkles on your finger. And it would seem that peace should fill the heart. And in reality – thoughts, thoughts… How long does it take to plan a wedding? What to purchase in the first place? You want to do everything on time and not forget about anything, think through every detail and pay attention to each guest.

Step-by-step instructions on how to prepare for the wedding.

  1. Calm down!

First of all, you need to exhale, stock up on positive emotions and step by step analyze all the stages of wedding planning in the order that we recommend in this article.

You can make a plan in the old way – in a notebook, on a tablet or on your computer. Another way is to download a free wedding planner book or check out wedding planner resources for an online planner. Usually it is a very easy-to-use service with many convenient tools for wedding planning: invitation designs, sending invitations to the wedding, photo albums, wedding day schedule, travel maps, guest lists, gift requests,

  1. Select the date of the celebration

Factors to consider when choosing a wedding date:

  • Season. If you dream of a wedding in an open sky under garlands of light bulbs plan a wedding from mid-may to mid-September.
  • Budget. Don’t plan a wedding in the middle of the season, if you are on a budget. Believe me, a wedding in April will cost you much cheaper than a wedding in August.
  • Savings. A weekday wedding will help you save up to 20% of your budget.
  • Special place. You know exactly what you want to get married in the woods or on the beach-check in advance the features of this location. A strong wind or bumpy ground with bumps can change your plans.
  • Venue. If you want to hold a wedding in a popular place, the date of the celebration may have to be adjusted to the schedule of this location.
  • Your work. If you need to go on a wedding trip immediately after the wedding, find out in advance whether you will be able to leave work for a long time during this period.
  • Guest schedule. Check whether important guests will be able to arrive on the day you set. And whether any of the guests are planning to get married in the same date-so that mutual friends can attend both weddings.
  • In-demand specialists. If you want a specific photographer or host to work at your wedding, make sure that the date you set is free.
  • Holidays. A wedding on the day of a large-scale holiday or, for example, a graduation is a plus or minus – it’s up to you. But when choosing a date, you should take into account some features: blocked roads and bridges, a large number of people in usually empty places.
  1. Make a guest list

Start preparing for the wedding by making a list of guests – the most important decisions depend on their number and characteristics (age, relations): the format of the wedding, the choice of place for the ceremony, the choice of the Banquet hall and, of course, the overall budget of the wedding.

When making a list, remember – you do not have to invite all your friends, friends, parents, and, of course, do not need to make a list of guests for the wedding on the principle of “not to offend”. Invite only those who are dear to your

We recommend that you add the following columns to your guest list:

  • The name of the guest
  • Relation to you
  • Alone or a couple
  • Children and their age
  • Transfer for guest
  • Hotel room block
  • What to drink
  • Features: vegetarian, does not drink, allergic to some products, etc.
  1. Invite guests to the wedding

When to order wedding invites? Try to invite guests to the wedding as early as possible! Even if you don’t know anything other than the date of the celebration. Check out our Invitation

There is such a concept – “Save the date”, save this date for us in your calendar. This way, guests can plan their vacations and personal affairs in advance, taking into account the date of your celebration. And you will save time and moral strength without changing the guest list several times.

And all the detailed information about the wedding – the place and time of the event, travel maps, dress code and list of gifts-you can share later by calling the guests or posting the information on your wedding website.

Distribute invitations to your guests yourself or make an online newsletter from your wedding website. And only after the guests respond to your invitation, start searching for a place for the celebration. Since after sending out invitations, the number of guests can change up to 10 people.

  1. Wedding budget and areas of responsibility

Agree on the budget of the event with each other and with your relatives, specify the expectations of each of the partners from the wedding day. Discuss the level of involvement in the preparation process and the points that each of you is responsible for.

  1. Assistance in organizing a wedding

No matter what the wedding is – big, small, family celebration or a magnificent celebration-you definitely need help in organizing it. Peace and joy, not overshadowed by even the smallest concerns, will justify spending on the work of the wedding team.

If the budget for the wedding is small, this does not mean that you should refuse the wedding organizer. Just the opposite – it is most necessary when “every penny counts”. Without experience, you will never be able to efficiently and correctly allocate your wedding budget in the way that a professional can. Most of the unpleasant moments associated with a wedding are due to improper distribution of funds.

  1. The venue of the wedding ceremony and Banquet

The next step is to choose the venue for the celebration. By this time, you will have determined exactly the date of the wedding, the number of guests and the style. You can start searching for locations for the ceremony and wedding dinner, given:

  • Date
  • The format of the wedding
  • Number of seats
  • Interior style

These are the very first selection criteria. You can do it in weddings venue checklist. Then be sure to have lunch at this restaurant and talk to the administrator. The degree of his willingness to help you and go to a meeting is no less important than delicious cuisine.

The choice of venue can take place simultaneously with the booking of wedding specialists. It is the photographer, operator, presenter who can tell you new interesting locations for the ceremony and dinner, which only the professionals know about.

  1. The choice of wedding professionals

For the wedding to meet all expectations and really become a “magic day”, it is important to choose the right team and delegate. Be sure to pay attention to reviews and portfolios. The decisive moment is still a personal meeting. If this is “your” person and you have a common vision of the celebration-feel free to sign the

  1. Wedding decor

Once you have decided on the venue, you can start searching for florists. Determine the color scheme and the general idea of the event and try to stick to them throughout. The ideal option is to find a Studio that specializes in your chosen style of celebration.

Floristics and decor are not only important but also quite an expensive part of your holiday. At this stage, it is important to approach the issue sensibly – do not try to decorate everything with flowers and decor, but highlight the significant and secondary.

For example, focus on the place of the ceremony and the table of the newlyweds. Find the very details that will unite your wedding, giving it a harmonious and complete look. This way you can stay within your planned

  1. Look of the bride and groom

And finally, we waited! Now you can go for a dress, suit, shoes, and rings. Yes, it is now. With a calm soul and a light heart, choose the dress of your dreams, spending all the remaining time and money. It is after you have decided on the style of the wedding and its venue.

When choosing the style of dress and suit of the groom, be sure to take into account the general concept of the wedding: whether it is a clearing in the forest or a marble floor in the hall, a classic wedding, vintage or hipster. Your appearance should fully match the idea, venue, and style of the wedding.

  1. Wedding reception order and entertainment for guests

All locations are known – you can make timing and introduce guests to the wedding schedule and other organizational information.

The most important advice

Treat your partner’s ideas and desires with attention and understanding. A little patience and a lot of love is the main component of successful wedding preparation. Remember that a wedding is only one day out of a long series of happy days in your couple’s life.


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