Top 20 Ideas How to Save Money on Wedding

22 tips on how to save money on wedding organization

Have you already clearly imagined what your ideal wedding will be? But dreams are dreams, and reality is different, so often the final estimate comes out a few zeros longer than you expected. This does not mean that you need to give up the celebration.

Here you will find simple and effective methods how to save money on a wedding venue, how to set priorities correctly and how to reduce the cost of the holiday. And where to start planning a wedding, so that you can easily invest in the initial budget.

  1. The time of year is not a hindrance

Perhaps the simplest way to save money is to organize a wedding in period from November to May, that is, after the end of the traditional wedding season. During this period, you can get a nice discount on the rental, a catering or decor, and the work of wedding specialists. And modern agencies offer many unique wedding ideas at quite affordable

  1. Day off in the middle of the week

If you are planning a celebration at the top of the wedding season, you can save money by moving it to a weekday – this way you can choose from a larger number of options, because specialists and venues are reserved mainly for the weekend.

Wedding on a weekday. A good reason to ask for a discount.

Special rate. Many hotels have special rates from Monday to Thursday.

And Friday? Friday, unfortunately, is no longer considered a “weekday”

  1. Don’t be afraid to experiment

In the process of selecting the main concept, instead of traditional options, pay attention to the now popular styles of rustic or shabby, which will both save on the design of the wedding, and make the event cozier. Many interesting design elements can be made DIY or found in the attic of your relatives. For example, openwork tablecloths, cute chests or paintings, beautiful dishes for candy bars or romantic garlands with light
Shabby Chic Backdrop idea
  1. A clear plan is better than improvisation

Don’t be nervous and order the missing items at the last moment – plan all your spending. This way you save not only money but also nerves. This is the most common advice – but why don’t most couples listen to it?

Negotiate, even at the start of preparation to the wedding, discuss the amount you are willing to spend on organizing a wedding.

Priorities. What is more important to you? What are you ready to allocate the maximum budget for? For example, beautiful decor and flowers or a very high-quality wedding video?

Book by February 1. Most wedding specialists traditionally raise prices at the beginning of the year, but until the end of the previous year or the first months of the current year, the prices of the previous year are still valid. Another date for possible price increases is the peak season from August 1.

Plan all orders in advance. Often you have to pay for the urgency of production and fast

  1. Visit the wedding show or exhibition

To choose an economical and beautiful solution for organizing a celebration, visit specialized shows and exhibitions. Often, representatives of contractors offer significant discounts to visitors. Exhibitions usually open the beginning of the wedding season. They will tell you exactly how to make a cheap wedding without compromising quality. Yes, and you will be able to see a lot of things “live”.

Use promotions. Exhibitions are usually held at the beginning of the wedding season, so you can expect discounts and gifts that are specially prepared for the promotional event.

Allotted time. Visiting an exhibition is a huge time saver! Where else can you find so many wedding specialists at once and on the same territory? But the sense of visiting will only be if you allocate time not only to “run around the stands”, but also to communicate with experts.

Appreciate the behind-the-scenes. You can immediately assess the sense of taste and quality of the company’s work by looking at how the exhibition stand is designed and the style of working with visitors and communicating with each other.

Live communication. A personal conversation with experts will help you instantly understand whether this person is right for you, in General, “whether you are looking in the same direction”.

All products can be touched and tasted: taste cakes, hold a wedding bouquet in your hands, sit in the interior of a retro car.

  1. Buy wedding dresses correctly

Consider seasonal discounts. Plan your purchases for the period of major sales – in January and August.

Don’t overpay for urgency. For an additional fit on the figure of the finished dress or suit without haste and overpayments, you need-a month, and sewing-and all three.

Sew to order. Tailoring in the Studio is cheaper and takes into account all individual wishes and features of the figure. But you will need to allocate much more time, patience, and have at least 3 months left.

Use additional services. If the dress or suit to your taste was found in several stores, please specify what other additional services the salon can include in the cost of the dress: fitting the figure, delivery, assistance with dressing during fees, cleaning after the celebration.

Buy not only in wedding salons. The trend now is not classic suits and dresses, but casual-comfortable and stylish. In a men’s clothing store or an evening dress salon, there is a wider choice of styles and colors than in a wedding salon, and prices are lower.

Special discounts and promotions. The most advanced salons now have a lot of original discounts. For example, “for determined brides” – if you buy a dress on the day of the first fitting. Feel free to ask about additional savings options.

  1. Accessories as a family tradition

To create a wedding image, you need not only a dress and a suit but also a lot of small details, starting from jewelry and ending with a Cape in case of cold weather. You don’t have to buy all the accessories – start a tradition in your family, for example, to wear your grandmother’s pearls or great-grandfather’s watch for a celebration, and it will look much more touching. And the Cape can be replaced with a cardigan that was knit by one of your

  1. Don’t try to follow fashion

How to save money on the wedding venue? Each city has several establishments that specialize exclusively in wedding banquets. Be original when choosing a venue for a celebration – sometimes your friend’s country house, loft-style coworking or a small hotel will be a more suitable place for your couple than a classic restaurant.

  1. Where to celebrate

When you select a location for a holiday, do not be afraid of expensive establishments, because spending a large amount on a Banquet, you will be able to save on the details of the decor – the hall will already match the chosen style. So, not too budget-friendly, at first glance, the restaurant can reduce spending. You do not have to pay extra for decorating “ugly” places, technical support, electricity supply, rent of tablecloths and chair covers, hire additional staff – in more expensive establishments, all this is immediately included in the cost of the Banquet.

  1. All in one place

Hold a Banquet, a ceremony, and perhaps part of a photoshoot, in one place – for example, in a country hotel. This way you will not pay extra rent, an additional transfer for you and guests, and there will be more time to communicate with

  1. Flower arrangements are not the main thing

Replace flower arrangements from cut flowers with seasonal fruits or flowers in pots, or better organize everything in a blooming garden, greenhouse or Botanical garden – it looks fresh and

  1. Don’t buy too much

Instead of buying a lot of chairs and tables, just rent them. Of course, if you plan to continue using all the decor items and furniture – this is ok, but you should not spend an impressive amount of impractical purchases. Try to buy the decor that will be useful to you after the wedding-candles, potted flowers, pillows.

The same can be done with outfits – rent a suitable dress or suit, which usually includes dry cleaning services.

  1. Only the closest

Before making a list of guests, decide what format you like – large-scale festivities or a family holiday. If you choose the family wedding, you should not call people you have seen a couple of times in your life. Feel free to cross out unknown names from the list, despite the persuasions of relatives – this is your wedding day and a good method for saving on a Wedding Banquet.

  1. Online services as a guarantee of savings

Using electronic invitations, questionnaires, and wedding planners, you save money significantly. For example, online invitations will help replace all printing with stylish electronic counterparts, and online guest profiles will allow you to easily collect all your wishes in one place. For older relatives, it is better to make printed versions of invitations.

  1. Buffet instead of Banquet

When you think about what you can save on a wedding, the graph of spending on food immediately catches your eye. If you are organizing an event under the open sky and even in the warm season, change a massive feast on a buffet table. You will immediately see how much expenses have decreased. At the same time, you can not worry that someone will remain hungry since the total amount of food per person will be the same, only the format of serving dishes will

Be sure to divide the order into adult and children’s menus. This will save up to 70% of the cost when ordering food for a child under 12 years of age.

  1. Light drinks instead of strong alcohol

To avoid buying a box of expensive cognac, limit yourself to good wine and champagne. Believe me, it will cost you much cheaper, and simple cocktails prepared on the spot-Mojito, sangria, mulled wine-will be appreciated much higher than standard bottled

  1. Dessert – a lot of “cake” and a candle

Instead of a large cake, order separate desserts for each guest – cakes, macaroons, cupcakes, or other cute, but not too voluminous desserts are suitable. The highlight of the holiday? Yes, and a very economical

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask for a discount

Do not hesitate to ask the wedding specialists about the possibility of an additional discount. For example, ready-made photos from a wedding recorded on a flash drive or as a link to a google drive will cost less than a gift package, and emotions for newlyweds are more important than a beautiful box. Ask florists to replace imported flowers with seasonal local ones – professionals will easily repeat the fashionable color scheme and style, using more affordable materials.

  1. Check all the details

Immediately find out about the list of services that are included in the paid order package. For example, you can get tablecloths, minimal maintenance, and a place to hold the ceremony in the courtyard. A set of services from the coordinator will be cheaper than organizing everything separately.

  1. Collaborate with young professionals

Experienced and popular presenters, organizers and florists ask for a fairly high price for services, which, among other things, includes the cost of the contractor’s image. Look at the suggestions of less famous performers – a little experience can more than pay off with enthusiasm, and fresh ideas will make your wedding more original, and it will cost you less. But in this case, it is important to read the

  1. Assign everything to the assistant

Even if you are confident in your abilities and have ordered almost everything yourself, for peace of mind and clear organization, it is better to use the services of a celebration coordinator directly on the wedding day. As a rule, the work of the coordinator will cost about 50% less than the work of the organizer. The event will be held without surprises and troubles, and you will have fun without being distracted by the fuss.

  1. From the holiday to the airport-plan your vacation in advance

If you want to go on vacation immediately after the Banquet, take care of it in advance. Many travel companies offer good discounts when booking tours, besides, this will be an excuse not to stretch the celebration for several days. This means that it will have a positive impact on your budget. Be sure to check about special programs for newlyweds and do not forget to take your marriage certificate with you on your trip. Many hotels, resorts, and restaurants offer honeymoon packages and additional discounts and bonuses for the newlyweds.

P.S. Don’t be afraid to ask your friends and family for help and try unusual wedding

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