Wedding Guest Books Ideas

Wedding Guest Books Ideas

Organizing a wedding is a serious work, but after the celebration, only fun and pleasant moments will be remembered. A wish book or guest book will help you save them. Ask your loved ones to write you a few heartfelt words to remember and re-read these touching notes for each anniversary. So you can have your first family tradition!

Classic Wedding Guest Book

Yes, you can not think too long about creativity and order a book of wishes for the wedding in a classic binding. In this case, guests will write their wishes on the pages and you will have your own family book.

Choose a book that will support the style of the wedding design due to different cover options, the color of the internal pages, and interesting additions. The cover can be made of linen, velour, velvet, wood, or leather. With your photo, embossed or metal nameplate.

Be sure to pay attention to such important details! Since viewing wishes is like a ritual: get out several times a year from a beautiful bag or box, rustle tracing paper when turning pages, stroke the cover with your

ADVICE. You can order a photo book by collecting joint photos with guests from different periods of your life-from children’s photos to joint selfies. Guests will be pleased to remember these moments and write a wish next to a funny frame.

Polaroid Wedding Guest Book

Buy or rent a camera that will allow you to take instant photos or order the services of an on-site photo booth. Let each guest make a creative selfie, stick a card on the page and write a few words of congratulations next to it.


ADVICE. Take care of cute little things like stamps, stickers, bright tape and colored markers that will help guests attach photos and make wishes interesting. And be sure to prepare a sign with instructions!

Puzzle Wedding Guest Book

A wish book may not be exactly a book – for example, a set in the form of a puzzle. It looks very symbolic – each guest will contribute to your family history by writing their wishes on one of the pieces. Later, all this can be turned into a decorative panel for your apartment.

ADVICE. The fault can be your photo, a set of curly wooden elements that can be folded into a panel, or several dozen small hearts that you later paste into the frame.

Letters to the Future

Put a chest, mailbox, bottle, or envelope where your guests can put letters addressed to you. Open your treasure on your first wedding anniversary and again immerse yourself in the holiday atmosphere, re-reading pleasant parting

ADVICE. On envelopes, guests can write the reason and time for reading the letter, for example – “when the first child is born”, “when you will be sad”, “new year” “at the fifth anniversary”, “if you quarrel”, “when you go on vacation”,

Family Tree Guest Book

Prepare as tags for wishes: toys, wooden figures, small scrolls, envelopes, flags or tags and decorate a decorative tree with them. Later, it can become a family heirloom or a beautiful home

ADVICE. If the wedding takes place in nature, you can decorate tags with wishes and an ordinary tree growing near the clearing, and after the end of the holiday, remove them and put them in a beautiful box.

Trip and Journeys Guest Book

As a place for signatures, a globe or map is perfect – let your guests wish you great family trips and mark the countries where you should

ADVICE. The globe can be toned in the colors of the wedding and write wishes directly on the ball.


A great idea that can be used later in the decor of the apartment. Make a garland of guest photos, tags, colorful flags, lace paper napkins. Be sure to leave space for signatures! This can be both a wish book and a photo zone element – for example, if the wedding decor is shabby

Favorite Hobby

If you are a musician, you can use a guitar, violin, or record as a wish book. Are you interested in sports? Let the guests sign on the slopes, the surf rack or

ADVICE. Tone musical instruments and records in the style of your wedding, and then cover with varnish and decorate your Studio or home with them.

Picture or Photo Wedding Guest Book

Order a blank canvas with your photo and frame it. Let the guests fill the free space with wishes and funny messages.

ADVICE. Alternatively, instead of a photo, you can use a picture or panel, on each piece of which guests can leave their wishes.


Prepare several beautiful plates, a large dish or a tea service, each element of which will be signed by your guests. You can also use a bottle of wine or champagne, which you will then open on your wedding anniversary. If you are planning a rustic wedding, then a massive wooden tray is a more practical

Coloring Pages and Comics

For your guests to show imagination, the book of wishes for the wedding can be in the form of a story of your couple, a funny coloring book or comics. Guests can sign pictures or draw them.

ADVICE. In order not to torment guests at all, make an example instruction or set the General direction of the comic book plot on the first pages.

  • Wine corks
  • Sea pebbles
  • Wooden bench
  • Crossword
  • Star chart
  • Typewriter
  • Plaid
  • Pumpkin
  • Barrel
  • Hat
  • Christmas tree balls
  • Dictaphone


The guest book can be made a ” highlight” of the entertainment zone. Believe me, all the guests will be happy to take funny photos if the idea is original. Make a table with a wish book part of the photo zone. If we are talking about original decor like garlands, guests can participate in their creation.

Prepare an instruction where you can use your example to show poses for photos in your photo zone.

The most modern version of the book of wishes and reviews is to make your own wedding website. It will definitely not get lost when moving and will always be at hand.

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